Django 1.7 released

After nearly a year of development, today we’re proud to announce the release of Django 1.7. Some of the major highlights of Django 1.7 are:

  • A new built-in database migration system. Notes on upgrading from South (a popular third-party application providing migration functionality) are also available.
  • A refactored concept of Django applications. Django applications are no longer tied to the existence of a models files, and can now specify both configuration data and code to be executed as Django starts up.
  • Improvements to the model Field API to support migrations and, in the future, to enable easy addition of composite-key support to Django’s ORM.
  • Improvements for custom Manager and QuerySet classes, allowing reverse relationship traversal to specify the Manager to use, and creation of a Manager from a custom QuerySet class.
  • A extensible system check framework which can assist developers in detecting and diagnosing errors.

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