Version 3.3 of groupware released

After extensive beta testing, we are very proud that we can announce the immediate availability of 3.3 today. This release is the one with the most new features of all time.

It is now possible to add tags to email messages. They are shown prominently in the message list before the subject of your mails. In the bottom left corner, there is now a tag cloud where you can select tags, so only emails with those tags are shown to you. In the future, we plan on using the new tagging system for all Kolab modules, so the same tags can be used for emails, contacts, events, tasks, etc.

With 3.3 you will be able to work with notes right in the webclient. As with all things Kolab, you can also have multiple notebooks and share them with people.The notes are automatically synchronized with the Kolab Desktop Client and you will also be able to synchronize them to your mobile devices via the ActiveSync protocol.

Resources are things like cars, projectors or meeting rooms that can only be used by one group of people at the same time. 3.3 makes it easier to manage your resources. We added a dedicated resource selection dialog which allows you to search and browse through all the available resources. It displays additional information and attributes for the individual resources as well as an availability calendar based on the free-busy data published for the given resource.

Internally, all address books, calendars, task lists, etc. are folders. So far, we did not hide that fact well from users. 3.3 introduces a new folder navigation view that allows you to search and subscribe to shared calendars, address books, task lists etc. directly from within the respective view. Searches are also expanded to LDAP, so that search results show folders grouped by matching users. When selecting a “folder” from the search results, your selection can be temporary and affect only the current session or permanently if you always want to see that calendar for example.