Qt will become its own company

Digia has decided to move the Qt business into a company of it’s own. Thus we will soon have a company (owned by Digia), that will focus 100% on Qt. At the same time we would like to take the opportunity and retire qt.digia.com and merge it with the content from qt-project.org into a new unified web presence. The unified web page will give a broad overview of the Qt technology, both enterprise and open-source, from a technical, business and messaging perspective.

We are also planning on unifying the Qt packages, to have only one set of installers for both open source and enterprise users. This will not only allow for an easier migration path from the open source to the enterprise version, but it will also significantly simplify our releasing process. With these simplifications we expect to be able to deliver better tested and higher-quality packages to the whole ecosystem.

The plan has already been discussed with and accepted by the main contributors at the Qt Contributor Summit in June. We are now moving forward with it and you will see the first pieces coming together already before the release of Qt 5.4 in October.

Qt Blog: http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2014/08/06/defragmenting-qt-and-uniting-our-ecosystem/