Next Generation OpenGL announced

The Khronos Group, the non-profit group behind the popular OpenGL graphics API, has just detailed the specification for OpenGL 4.5 and has released SPIR v2.0 (OpenCL C intermediate representation).

Khronos is busy laying the groundwork for its next generation OpenGL initiative, which will unify desktop and mobile implementation of the API for modern GPUs. This next implementation will be a complete ground up re-design of the current system, offering up high-efficiency access to graphics and GPU compute across desktop and mobile platforms. This will be the first fully cross-platform and cross-vendor API, which has big implications for more reliable graphics application development. However, this also means that the new API will not be backwards compatible.

There are numerous motivations behind the new initiative, including keeping Khronos’ API up to date with the latest technology, improving reliability, and improving performance. But the key motivation is unifying the world of graphics technology and doing away with archaic closed platforms, thereby helping developers share their creations with as many consumers as possible, regardless of the user’s hardware or platform of choice.

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