LibreOffice 4.3 released

LibreOffice’s latest release provides easier ways of working with spreadsheets and the ability to insert 3D models into presentations, along with dozens of other changes.

New features also include improved comment management and interoperability with a variety of document types. The new interoperability includes “support of OOXML Strict, OOXML graphics improvements (DrawingML, theme fonts, preservation of drawing styles and attributes), embedding OOXML files inside another OOXML file, support of 30 new Excel formulas, support of MS Works spreadsheets and databases, and Mac legacy file formats such as ClarisWorks, ClarisResolve, MacWorks, SuperPaint, and more.”

LibreOffice developers have also worked on a version of the office suite for Android, but so far only a remote for controlling presentations has been released.

Ars Technica: