Zend Studio 11 released

Newest Zend Studio Version Boosts Eclipse PHP Support, Facilitates Web Service Development and Cloud Deployment, Delivers Ultimate Debugging, and Offers New Pricing Options

Zend Studio 11 makes it easy to create mobile applications on top of existing PHP applications and server back-ends. The new integration with Apigility, an open-source API builder, allows developers to uniquely create, edit, document, and test RPC or RESTful services using a user-friendly editor without having to worry about the plumbing. As a result, developers can focus on the business logic rather than client-server connectivity. A visual editor helps prototype the graphic user-interface of mobile applications with easy drag and drop actions.

The latest Zend Studio uses a simple workflow to create iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications, leveraging integrated emulators to test native applications or deploy them to a real mobile device directly.

Zend Studio 11 is available today. Professional edition pricing starts at $89 for individual developers and $189 for commercial use ($139 renewal). A free open source community edition is also available.

Zend Blog: http://blog.zend.com/2014/07/15/introducing-new-zend-studio-11