Google’s elite hackers: Project Zero

Google has hired a prolific hacker by the name of George Hotz to join the Project Zero team. Hotz is well-known for hacking Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Apple’s iPhone.

Google’s Project Zero aims to reduce the threat that zero-day attacks represent by funding vulnerability research and hiring top security specialists and hackers. The hire of Hotz, therefore, is hardly a surprise — as these types of projects need people that can think like cyberattackers, as well as be talented in their own right, in order to thwart them.

Google will publish a public database of vulnerabilities found, as well as how long it takes companies to react to bug reports and fix the problem.


Project Zero has already hired well-known hackers from Google’s own staff. Ben Hawkes, Tavis Ormandy, George Hotz, and Brit Ian Beer have been previously credited for finding bugs in Google’s own Chrome OS to Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and many other products. And they plan to recruit more to bring Project Zero up to 10 full-time researchers.