FreeBSD 9.3 released

FreeBSD 9.3 has been released. This is the stable production branch; users who want the newest software should use FreeBSD 10. By default, FreeBSD 9.3 deactivates the hardware random number generators (RNGs) from Intel and VIA due to Snowden revelations about the NSA having manipulated hardware RNGs. The developers say that users who want to use them anyway should combine these with the software RNG Yarrow, which Bruce Schneier worked on. It’s successor Fortuna is also available.


Among the highlights of FreeBSD 9.3 is a ZFS file-system update to add bookmarks support, uname/fetch updates, updates to its old GCC version with patches from Google, the protect command has been added, a new /usr/lib/private library introduced, OpenSSL updated, OpenSSH updated, and numerous other updates took place for this latest FreeBSD 9 point release.


FreeBSD 9.3 also supports Apple’s MacBook trackpads and adds Radeon KMS, after the kernel mode-setting support was first found in FreeBSD 10.0.