Vocal: A podcatcher for elementary OS

Despite my love for podcasts, until now I’ve always been very disappointed with the podcast managers available for Linux. Many of them are just too darn clunky, bloated, unnecessarily complicated, or feature-lacking to use day-to-day. For a while now I’ve been working on developing a new podcast app, which I have named Vocal.

Right now I’m targeting it primarily for elementary OS, but once the main features are implemented I am going to explore making it friendlier with other Linux distributions. elementary OS will always be the number one goal, though (at least in the near future). It’s open source (GPL v3), written in Vala, and makes use of the latest functionality in Gtk 3.12.

Nathan Dyer’s Blog: http://nathandyer.me/2014/04/05/vocal/

The first public development release of Vocal is now available!

Please keep in mind that this is a preview release. Vocal is still a work in progress. You should only use it at this point if you are comfortable running into unexpected problems and crashes.

Nathan Dyer’s Blog: http://nathandyer.me/2014/06/28/vocal-beta-released-daily-ppa-available/

Vocal Podcatcher