Google’s SPDY module becomes an Apache project

Just over two years ago, we launched mod_spdy, a plugin for the popular Apache Web Server that adds support for the SPDY protocol. At the time, our goal was both to speed up the web and help fuel the growth and adoption of SPDY by making it easy for Apache 2.2 users to install and enable SPDY on their sites. Today, SPDY is now widely adopted, officially supported by several web servers and many popular sites, and the IETF is using it as the basis for the upcoming HTTP/2.0 protocol. The time seems right for mod_spdy to cease being a third-party add-on, and to instead become a core part of Apache httpd.

We’re pleased to announce that Google has formally donated mod_spdy’s code to the Apache Software Foundation, and it is now a part of the Apache httpd codebase.

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