Manjaro Linux 0.8.10 released

Our team has worked hard over the last three months to put together the most refined and user-friendly Manjaro release to date. This release includes our flagship Xfce edition, feature-rich KDE edition, lightweight Openbox edition and our minimal ‘Net’ edition.

Although the general layout of our supported environments has not changed dramatically, there have been look-and-feel improvements, including a modern graphical bootsplash, new default theme (Menda) and a new look for our welcome screen. Where much attention has been focused since our last release is on infrastructure development, including improvements to our installation framework (Thus), package management & update interfaces (Pamac & Octopi), post-installation configuration framework (Turbulence) and to our user-friendly hardware detection and driver installation tool (MHWD).

In addition to our officially supported environments, our various community editions will be updated to 0.8.10 and released over the coming weeks. Installation images for Gnome 3, MATE, Enlightenment, LXDE and Cinnamon desktop environments will be provided by our community & team, along with the Netbook edition and it’s modified Xfce environment.

Newcomers to the community edition line-up include highly tweaked Fluxbox, AwesomeWM and PekWM editions. For the adventurous, there’s an ISO available using the still-in-development LXQt environment (upcoming successor to LXDE).

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