German company plans TrueCrypt successor

The German company Sirrix plans to release an open source successor to TrueCrypt. Sirrix says it audited the software three years ago for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The experience gained there has led to the development of new encryption software called TrustedDisk. This new software supposedly improves on TrueCrypt’s design, especially on the boot loader, random number generator and the protection of encryption keys.

Sirrix is currently selling an enterprise version of the product, which they say is for licensing reasons with respect to the TrueCrypt source code. In 2013, the BSI licensed the product for use with the German security clearance level VS-NfD (Vertraulichkeitsstufe: Nur für den Dienstgebrauch).

The company now wants to re-implement some of TrueCrypt’s functions and release an open source version of their product. They say it will be released under a recognised open source license. The enterprise version will have extra features. TrustedDisk will be available on Windows, a Linux version is being worked on.