Linux Foundation to finance OpenSSL development

First order of business was electing the Advisory Board, which will help the Steering Group (made up of funders and The Linux Foundation) determine which projects to fund. We are fortunate to have assembled many of the brightest minds in open source, web technology and computer security. They include:

  • Alan Cox of the Linux kernel community
  • Matt Green of Open Crypto Audit Project
  • Dan Meredith of the Radio Free Asia’s Open Technology Fund
  • Eben Moglen of Software Freedom Law Center
  • Bruce Schneier of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School
  • Eric Sears of The MacArthur Foundation
  • and Ted Ts’o of Google, prominent security and kernel hacker

Next we focused on who to initially fund. Working together with the Advisory Board, the Steering Group and open source projects, we’re happy to announce the first projects to be funded from this effort:

  • NTP
  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSL
  • The Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP) will also receive funding to conduct an audit of OpenSSL

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