Hacker weev collecting money for a security hedge fund

Andrew “weev” Auernheimer is crowdfunding a company that will set up a hedge fund which will buy and sell stock based on disclosed security vulnerabilities. The fund is meant to punish companies that do not disclose security vulnerabilities in their products. It’s called Tro LLC (or “troll c”).

Right now if you’re a software exploit developer and you want to monetize your craft to pay your rent, there’s only one consistent way to do so: sell your software exploits. The major customer for these are oppressive governments, chiefly that of the United States. We know what the United States does with software exploits: it uses them to illegally spy on its own citizens, and attack peaceful nations around the world. I need your help to create a company that will ethically disclose software vulnerabilities to the public. For this I need help getting the filing fees necessary to incorporate a hedge fund. I want to continue bringing issues in companies that put you at risk to light, and short the stocks of those companies when I do so.

StartJOIN: https://www.startjoin.com/trollc